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Were you aware that just by looking at a person’s skin, hair, and nails you can determine whether or not they are healthy? It’s true – the healthier you are, the better your overall appearance will be.

The same can be said of trees, believe it or not. Healthy trees will have a thick, woody bark and full, green branches. Unhealthy trees, on the other hand, will be covered in dead limbs, overgrowth, and weakened bark.

Unfortunately, like humans, there can be many different things that can sicken your trees. Whether it’s a disease, a pest, unbalanced soil, or other hurdles, many things can prevent your trees from remaining healthy.

What can do if you notice signs of poor health? Because treatment is dependent on the diagnosis, you would want to call a professional arborist.

Arborists are the closest equivalent to a tree doctor. They spend years studying trees and their afflictions, providing better health care service.

And in Houston, Texas, the best arborist choice is Texas Tree Experts. We have been diagnosing and treating trees since 2002.

When you need an experienced expert looking at your plants, we offer the best in tree health care services. Whenever you are in doubt about your tree’s health, just call us and now for sure.


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Early Warning Signs


Tree diseases don’t always have physical symptoms. However, there are some typical red flags to keep an eye out


Before an ailment comes out in the wood, it will often present itself in the leaves. Most common are dark spots, yellowing leaves, or leaves that are discolored.


If these don't get treated quickly, they will spread to the limbs, bark, or even the roots. And when that happens, your tree is on borrowed time.


Cracks and splits are signs of the tree collapsing under its own weight. That is not normal, and it could be that some disease has weakened its structural integrity.


If it seems as if your tree is producing more dead branches than live ones, that definitely should be cause for concern. Brown or twigs that die off quickly could be a sign of a fungus or other infection.


Like animal species, some trees have a longer lifespan than others. Some trees may top out at only 25 years, while others may live for hundreds or thousands.


Trees that were healthy just a few days ago but are now drooping could have an animal damaging its roots. Some insect species prefer tree roots, and burrowing animals could be eating them as well.


Finally, if you know that something is wrong, but you can’t seem to pinpoint, always call a local arborist service. When you hire an official diagnosis, you can know for sure which treatment paths to take.


Even if this means that it’s time to cut it down, at least you’ll know that there is nothing else you could have done. Or, if we catch the problem soon enough, we still may be able to treat it back to full health.


If you have project in mind, get in contact with Texan Tree Experts today! When it comes to quality tree care, we are the first you should call. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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