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Complete Tree Care Services

Whether you require residential or commercial professional tree services at a competitive price, or a Houston lot and land clearing company, we can help. From start to finish, you can expect courtesy, communication on steps and care solutions, and a customer-service-oriented team that is knowledgeable, licensed and committed to providing you with a great job.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You are short on time or do not have the equipment needed to effectively and efficiently perform tree services.
  • You have used a tree care company in the past and received not-so-great results that were detrimental to your tree’s health.
  • You are concerned about your tree’s health and how it may become a liability.
  • You have read about the benefits of certified arborist tree techniques and how they can contribute to a healthy, long-lasting landscape.
  • You have a lot of lands that you need to be cleared and want a one-stop commercial tree service in Houston that includes removal, clean-up, and site prep.

There Are Hundreds of Tree Companies in The Houston Area

But Not All Tree Companies Are The Same

You have heard of contractor nightmares where a homeowner or business hires a company to perform a service and the contracted company ends up causing damage or provides shoddy work. Googling a Houston tree company is easy, finding one you can trust time and time again is the challenge.

Unfortunately, not all businesses offer the same level of quality. Some take shortcuts, while others are not fully qualified to tackle your exact situation.

We have seen and heard so many botched arborist services and land and lot clearing disaster stories. That’s why our approach is hands-on. We care about you, your property, and the trust you are putting in us.

Whatever type of service is right for you and your yard, we offer them all at fair pricing every day.

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Complete Tree Care Services

Wondering if we are the right tree care specialists or lot and land clearing company for you? Check out a few of our services:

  • Dead Tree Removal
  • Overgrown Tree Trimming
  • Seasonal Tree Pruning
  • Storm Damage Services
  • Stump Grinding & Stump Removal Services
  • Residential and Commercial Lot and Land Clearing Services
  • And more tree care options to provide you with healthy trees or a ready-for-construction lot! Our team is made up of local tree care experts with many years of professional experience under their belts.

    Tree Removal Services

    Some service providers want to remove trees as quickly as possible without formally diagnosing their health status. As a professional arborist company, we always leave tree removal as a last resort.

    Trees may appear to be hopeless, when in fact, all that they need is proper nutrition or medical application. Other times, however, there is nothing left to do but to remove it entirely.

    If you have a tree that requires professional cutting and removal, or you’re unsure that you do, call us immediately. We’ll make sure that your tree is ready to be removed, or if not, we can advise on which corrective actions to take.

    Tree removal is a tricky process. By removing the larger branches first and cutting it down in installments, we can prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring.

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    Tree Trimming Services

    The average homeowner is not going to keep up with their tree’s trimming needs. Unfortunately, by not investing in tree trimming, it’s only holding your trees back from their full potential.

    Trimming is necessary to prevent a tree from becoming overgrown in some areas while not growing at all in others. It is also helpful in ensuring that sunlight filters through to the other plants in your yard.

    Trees can quickly have branches that become impacted or begin fighting for resources. Professional trimming, however, makes sure that your trees grow evenly all year round.

    Trimming is also necessary when your trees begin growing a little too close for comfort. If you have limbs that are rubbing against your house or are growing too close to power lines and buildings, then you need trimming right away.

    By removing limbs before problems arise, you can enjoy a safer, greener yard for longer.

    Houston Tree Pruning

    Does it seem as if your tree’s growth has stopped all of a sudden? Or do you have a tree that is chock full of dead leaves and branches?

    Tree pruning is more than just a cosmetic service. By trimming away specific smaller branches, as well as those that are no longer growing, your tree will experience prolonged periods of new growth.

    Even if a branch is dead, the tree will continue trying to distribute resources to it. Not only is that a wasted effort, but it may spend too many resources on areas that won’t benefit.

    Overgrown branches can wind up causing health risks and diseases which will only diminish a tree's appearance. Instead, professional pruning services get the results you need.

    Before you wind up purchasing expensive additives and artificial growing products, pruning may be just the thing your trees need.

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    Stump Grinding & Removal

    Many homeowners are under the impression that when they have someone remove a tree from them, that the stumps get removed as well. However, for most tree care services, the two are separate items.

    As a result, many yards are left with tree stumps merely sitting in the middle of the grass. Not only do they take away from your yard’s overall appearance, but they may attract unwanted pests.

    Termites, ants, beetles, and other creatures love to nest inside old tree stumps. However, once they’ve eaten it away, they’ll likely make your home their next target.

    When you need to know that your stumps are taken care of the right way, you can always depend on us. We offer affordable and reliable stump grinding and removal services in Houston.

    Using a powerful grinding tool, we make short work of even the thickest tree stumps. Before you know it, we’ll have them all worn away until there’s nothing left!

    Lot & Land Clearing

    Whether you have purchased a lot of land that needs to be cleared to begin site construction, or you have an unused pool or structure that just needs to go, we can help. With a variety of machinery and equipment to get the job done, we provide turnkey solutions. The blank canvas you are after is within reach.

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    If you have project in mind, get in contact with Texan Tree Experts today! When it comes to quality tree care, we are the first you should call. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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